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RECOMMENDED THIS WEEK: Updated Every Monday!

RECOMMENDED THIS WEEK: Updated Every Monday!

Find Kristin's picks to help you stay on top of your routine here! Includes a mixture of new class releases and recommendations from the FLOFICIENT library. Updated every Monday so you never have to over-think or scroll!

RECOMMENDED THIS WEEK: Updated Every Monday!
  • STEADY (V03:E02)

    How seamlessly can you move from Warrior I to Warrior II without moving your feet?

  • BRISK (V02:E02)

    Challenge your coordination with combo exercises!

  • FLUID (V02:E02)

    Warm up with inner thigh stretching and Lizard Pose!

  • FOCUSED (V01:E02)

    Work your way into Titibasana II (Firefly Pose)!

  • MELLOW (V03:E02)

    Flow through child's pose and take care of your lower back.

  • BRISK HIIT (V03:E02)

    It's only 5 rounds of exercise...but it packs a punch!

  • STILL (V02:E02)

    Focusing on posture and perspective.

  • C.O.R.E. (30 Minutes)

    1 season

    TRAIN WITH PURPOSE: Build on your progress week by week with C.O.R.E. (Consistent, Ordered Resistance Exercise), a cumulative, 12-week workout series that focuses on form, strength, stamina, and linear results. Increase the level of challenge as you go until you MAX OUT at the end of each series....


    2 seasons

    Push the reset button with FLOFICIENT's 14-Day Refresh! This two-week challenge combines yoga, body-weight training, cardio, and rest/mindfulness to help you shake up your routine and get back to basics in just 20 minutes each day! Plus, you'll have the option to kick things up a notch with daily...