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6 Episodes

Welcome to The Fit Blueprint, FLOFICIENT's signature learning series that helps you squeeze workouts into your busy schedule without added stress or worry! Work through each module at your own pace, in-between FLOFICIENT classes to chart your plan for success. Kristin recommends about one module per week for 12 weeks.

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  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 00 - Start HERE! (10 Minutes)

    Episode 0

    Welcome to The Fit Blueprint! It's syllabus day!! In this short video, Kristin breaks down the basics of what to expect and how to use this mini-course to maximize your experience as you create your plan for success.

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 01 (20 Minutes)

    Episode 1

    In "Time Framework", the first official module of The Fit Blueprint, we'll lay the foundation for the following course modules by shifting how we look at time!

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 02, Part I (23 Minutes)

    Episode 02.1

    Take a deep dive into the recent past, analyze your history, and get extra cozy with measuring your activity levels in Part I of Module 02! Then, use everything you uncover in THIS lesson to move on to Part II.

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 02, Part II (23 Minutes)

    Episode 02.2

    Jump back into "Measuring Movement" with Part II! Review your history and dissect exercise guidelines to set attainable activity benchmarks that carry you forward.

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 03 (23 Minutes)

    Episode 3

    Tidy-up your schedule and to-do list through tracking, journaling, and brainstorming so you can reduce time drain and reclaim the precious extra minutes you need to workout!

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 04 (39 Minutes)

    Episode 4

    "Unlock the Gridlock" and slide workouts into your schedule with ease. Don't forget to download the worksheet to help you plan!

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 04 Worksheet

    657 KB

    Download THIS worksheet to help you unlock the gridlock and schedule your workouts as part of module 04!